1. Each player is required to show proof of age. Satisfactory proof may be the original certified copy of Photostat of birth certificate when obtainable; if not, copies of school, or church records properly executed.
  2. A copy of the tryout sheets, draft results, and final team rosters shall be submitted to the commissioner the second (2) week of April without delay.
  3. A Player may not play in two (2) baseball organizations at any one time without prior approval of the Board of Directors of the Association.


  1. A league may be organized by the Board of Directors whenever it considers there are enough players to do so. The executive Officers and two (2) Board members shall be appointed by the Board to serve the first season. These officers and managers may be drafted from the managers and coaches of existing leagues, whenever possible.
  2. The existing number of team or the age grouping of players in the various leagues may be altered by the Board whenever it is in the best interest of the Association.
  3. A league shall incur no financial obligation chargeable to the Association unless specifically authorized by the Board, and either provided for in the leagues; budget, or cleared through the Treasurer as to availability of funds. No other liability incurred shall be binding upon the Association.
  4. The Association will assume responsibility for only such sponsor’s money as goes to the Treasury of the Association.
  5. Limit of Authority- No action shall be taken by a division which may be deemed to express an attitude or action of the Association, but resolutions or recommendations may be addressed to the Board of Directors for consideration or approval, and adoption.
  6. Each division has freedom in carrying out its work and stimulation of the interest of its members.
  7. The authority for administration of the affairs of each league is vested, within the spirit of the Constitution, in its executive officers.
  8. Meetings of the leagues’ executive officers shall be held at the call of the Director, or a simple majority of the other officers. A simple majority of the executive officers shall constitute a quorum. These meetings may be also called by the Commissioner. All executive officers and Directors shall be notified of all meetings in advance.
  9. A general meeting may be called by any three managers, but all must be notified.
  10. A code of conduct must be sign by all participating coaches and parents.
  11. No later than 60 days prior to their opening games, each league shall submit a copy of their regulations to the Associations Board of Directors for approval. If the Board of Directors of the Association finds such regulations not in accordance with the Associations’ Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations. The Commissioner shall so notify the division involved within thirty (30) days of any variance, discrepancy or league rule deemed detrimental to the Associations regulations and purposes. The league shall then amend its regulations accordingly, at its next regularly scheduled meeting, and notify the Association of such compliance. Exception, if for any reason the division votes non-compliance, it shall request a review within seventy two (72) hours of the division’s meeting by written notice to the Association. The Association shall review such appeal and render a decision within seventy- two (72) hours.
  12. Division ground rules may be changed, providing such change is submitted to the Association for prior ratification. Division ground rule changes will not take effect until the following season.


  1. The Director shall be the Executive Officer of the Division: he shall preside at all meetings; be an ex-official member of all committees, and perform such other duties as normally devolve upon the office. The Director may be dismissed from his duties, if he has two unexcused absences for two consecutive meetings.
  2. The Vice- Director shall perform the duties of the Director in the absence or disability of the latter, and perform such duties as normally devolve upon that office.
  3. The office of Secretary- Treasurer may be combined as one or may be two separate offices.
  4. As Secretary, he/she shall keep the records of the league, including the minutes of all meetings. Conduct the correspondence of the league; keep a true list of managers, coaches, and such other officers as required; and perform such other duties as normally devolve upon that office.
  5. As Treasurer, he/she shall be the financial officer of the league, receive all monies, and make all the disbursements under the control of the Board of Directors; keep accurate financial records and file a financial report upon request, to the Board of Directors. He/She shall file a final report at the close of the season, and perform other duties as normally devolve upon that office. Action will be taken for any misconduct or misappropriation of funds to fullest extent of the law.
  6. The Equipment Agent of each league will be the liaison to the Association Purchasing Agent and will be responsible for the equipment of that division.


  1. The Manager shall participate in the FULL program, and abide by the policies of the Association aims and programs; what is expected of them; what they receive in return; the nature of the insurance in force, and that certain injuries require the presence and consent for treatment.
    1. All Managers must sign a code of conduct prior to the first game. Their behavior and conduct will be guided by their signature on this document throughout the season.
  2. The Manager must make certain a player is eligible; pays his fee on time; presents proof of age; submits a properly executed contract; has a schedule of games; is notified of all practices and other activities.
  3. The Manager is responsible for each game’s lineup, see that safety equipment is used, and ALL game rules are followed.
  4. The Manager, or a coach he designates, is responsible to know all about the insurance policy and forms; nearest treatment facilities; where to find parents; to take an injured player to these facilities for treatment; see that the proper forms are filled out; submitted and that the player is properly released. He shall also see that the insurance company pays its obligation, and that the Commissioner gets the release papers on the player.
  5. The Manager shall use good judgment in carrying out the following responsibilities to his sponsor.
    1. See that he has a baseball schedule for the entire season.
    2. See that the sponsor is well informed in advance of Sponsor’s night (if scheduled)
    3. See that the sponsor’s name is spelled correctly, and that the complete and correct wording be used on their plaque.
    4. To be tactful and considerate of the sponsor’s desires in all matters pertaining to the team.
    5. To be as helpful as possible to improve public relations between the Association and the sponsor.


  1. The Board of Directors can suspend or disband any league on sixty (60) days notice during the playing season or at any time during the non- playing season; or, for cause may remove from office at any time any member of the executive officers of the league.
  2. The Commissioner, individually, as well as any director or league executive officer, may temporarily exercise the Board’s power of suspension against an individual, for just cause, subject to a hearing before the Board, which shall be called within three (3) days after such incident; provided the two individuals are not involved in the same baseball game at the time.
  3. The Director of each division shall have the authority to suspend any manager, coach, or player for sufficient cause; such as unsportsmanlike conduct, proselything, profane language, whether on the field or as a spectator. Liquor on the breath, and other causes adopted by the league shall also be cause for suspension, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  4. Any individual who has been a recorded violator under Section 290 of the Penal Code is barred from the participation and activities of the Association. It shall be the responsibility of the Association to present to the Montebello Police Department the names of all Association and Division officers, managers, and coaches for the purpose of a records check, in accordance with the provisions of this section. All Association and Division officers will be required to be finger-printed prior to the season beginning.

Under any conditions a league may not hold any type band account, savings or checking accounts. All finances are to be turned over to the Association Treasurer. All Leagues will function as one unit in regards to any type of fundraising activities, unless approved by the Board.


  1. These By-Laws may be amended only by the majority of a quorum of the Board of Directors at the meeting following the previous meeting of the Board at which time the proposed amendments were first prepared and presented.