Welcome to the MBA Baseball Website. We are very proud of MBA and want to ensure its continued success. We’re very excited and are already working hard as Board members to provide your children with a happy and successful baseball experience.  We look forward to seeing you at the ball park. If there is anything we can do to support your child, please make sure to reach out to us.
Remember, “Building Today’s Kids into Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

Thank you and Keep your Eye on the Ball!


All-Star Weekend Schedule

- Home Run Derby -

9 AM – Mustang Home Run Derby Field #4
11 AM – Bronco Home Run Derby Field #3
11 AM – Pinto Home Run Derby Field #4
11 AM – Shetland Home Run Derby Field #5

- All Star Games -

1 PM – Shetland White vs Blue Field #5
1 PM – Pino Grey vs White Field #4
1 PM – Mustang Blue vs Gold Field #3
3 PM – Shetland White vs Gold Field #5
3 PM – Pinto Blue vs Gold Field #4
4 PM – Bronco Blue vs Gold Field #3
5 PM – Shetland Blue vs Gold Field #5
5 PM – Pinto Championship (Winner 1 PM vs Winner 3 PM)

- T-Ball All Stars -

9 AM – Braves vs Mariners
10 AM – Royals vs Dodgers
11 AM – Angels vs Yankees
12 PM – Reds vs Red Sox

MBA All-Star Teams

Shetland AllStars Gold

Coach Alex Romero

Team Player Name

Blue Jays – Ruben Muñoz
Blue Jays – Nathan Cabbera
Blue Jays – Martin De La Rosa
Blue Jays – Isaiah Perez
Red Sox – Isaiah Standley
Red Sox – Benjamin Castellanos
Red Sox – Sofia Hernandez
Red Sox – James Borbon
Royals – James Mejia
Royals – Jordan Garcia
Royals – Adam Rojas
Royals – Julian Hernandez

Shetland AllStars White

Coach Jesse Duran

Team Player Name

Twins – Andres Duran
Twins – Jacob Ramos
Twins – Joshua Talevera
Twins – Isaiah Trevino
White Sox – Aiden Hernandez
White Sox – Isabella Fregoso
White Sox – Genesis Fregoso
White Sox – Eduardo Perez
Dodgers – Jenna Rodriguez
Dodgers – Devon Brady
Dodgers – Aaron Maldonado
Dodgers – Ernesto Luevano

Shetland AllStars Blue

Coach Bill Serafin

Team Player Name

Angels – William Serafin
Angels – Mathew Contreras
Angels – Sylar Allen
Angels – Estaban Lopez
Nationals – Felipe Hernandez
Nationals – Justin Delgadillo
Nationals – Jayden Enriquez
Nationals – Marcos Francos
Yankees – Nikolai Martinez
Yankees – Brianna Avila
Yankees – Andrew Guardado
Yankees – Jake Fonseca

Pinto AllStars Gold

Coach Carlos Garza

Team Player Name

Twins – Leo Garza
Twins – Danny Duran
Twins – Jacob Reynoso
Twins – Gus Salazar
Twins – Joseph Gutierrez
Orioles – Fernando Cruz
Orioles – Narek Navarro
Orioles – Anthony Marroquin
Orioles – Paul Galarza
Indians – Jovanni Juarez
Indians – Isaias Herrera
Red Sox – Brandon Garcia

Pinto AllStars White

Coach Alfred Jimenez

Team Player Name

White Sox – Antonio Martinez
White Sox – Elijah Medrano
White Sox – Jacob Jimenez
White Sox – Danny Padilla
White Sox – Payton Navaret
Yankees – Issac Holguin
Yankees – Andrew Mojica
Yankees – Julias Landeros
Yankees – Abel Damien Jr
Red Sox – Joseph Ruiz
Red Sox – Anthony Nieto
Red Sox – Andrew Armijo

Pinto AllStars Blue

Coach Nishan Tadian

Team Player Name

A’s – Jordan Ramos
A’s – Daniel Arrelano
A’s – Ruben Maduray
A’s – Luis Garcia
A’s – Braylene Espinoza
Blue Jays – Evan Truvino
Blue Jays – Enzo Gonzales
Blue Jays – Devyn Flores
Blue Jays – Angel Lopez
Padres – David Martinez
Padres – Joshua Castellanos
Indians – Jacob Lopez

Pinto AllStars Gray

Coach Gabriel Marichi

Team Player Name

Dodgers – Vincent Marichi
Dodgers – Daniel Mada
Dodgers – Benjamin Lopez
Dodgers – Antonio Marquez
Dodgers – Chris Contreras
Braves – Jacob Parra
Braves – Isaac Solorzano
Braves – Sabastian Marquez
Braves – Nicolas Lechon
Padres – Joseph Nieto
Padres – Ethan Perez
Indians – Sonny Aleman

Mustang AllStars Gold

Coach Bryan Perumean

Team Player Name

Reds – Sahir Gomez
Reds – Noah Perumean
Reds – Anthony Varges
Dodgers – Noah Ramos
Dodgers – Elijah Huerta
Dodgers – Daniel Vitos
Angels – Jason Perez
Angels – Jose De La Cueva
Angels – Edgar Mendoza
A’s – Cesar Barajas
A’s – Jermiah Ornelas
A’s – Lucas Garcia

Mustang AllStars Blue

Coach Vic Duran

Team Player Name

Yankees – Nathan Brown
Yankees – Nathan Solis
Yankees – Anthony Rosales
Twins – Jordan Brambila
Twins – Ryan Rodriguez
Twins – Devin Duran
Royals – Michael Ramirez
Royals – Jarred Navarat
Royals – Mikey Gonzalez
White Sox – Noah Guerrero
White Sox – Gabriel Escobar
White Sox – John Lopez

Bronco AllStars Gold

Coach Ralph Mojica, Jimmy Morales, Willie Medina

Team Player Name

A’s – David Galindo
A’s – Joe Mojica
A’s – Brandon Cerrantes
A’s – Daniel Barajas
Yankees – Vince Torres
Yankees – Manual Herrera
Yankees – David Morales
Yankees – Chris Araiza
Tigers – Matt Muñoz
Tigers – Danny Lopez
Tigers – Matthew McNamara
Tigers – George Rodriguez

Bronco AllStars Blue

Coach Israel Gonzalez, Rolando Nava, Joseph Varges, Martin Salazar

Team Player Name

Rangers – Bryan Aguilar
Rangers – Israel Leon
Rangers – Dorian Nava
Rangers – Alfonzo Del Real
Nationals – Gregory Bajuelos
Nationals – Gilbert Lopez
Nationals – Ivan Valdez
Nationals – Kris Gomez
Dodgers – Villalon
Dodgers – Carpio
Dodgers – Kirshner
Dodgers – Salgado

Make Up Games Tuesday, April 14th

Make up games due to the rain out Tuesday. Broncos, Mustang, Pinto, & Shetland will play on Tuesday, April 14th.

2015 Dates To Remember

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